It was for my thirteenth birthday that I got my first camera, a Praktica MTL3 with a 50mn lens; this was back in the early 80's. Should I call it a virus? I don't really know, but hey, since then I've never stopped taking pictures.

For me, as for many other photographers, I believe, the photography is a form of expression, a means to tell how I see the world and in some respects to expose my personality. I explore the photography to show this world like I see it, or sometimes like I would like it to be seen.

Although I did a photography school when I was a student, I mostly learned photography by myself, reading books, watching videos, talking to other photographers, but more importantly, getting out and taking pictures. I've the freedom to choose my subjects and to follow the opportunities I encounter, which gets me to enjoy even more photography.

For me, photography as a series of creative processes, starting from the discovery, the observation, then the camera and finally, ending with the darkroom or nowadays, the 'light-room'. Oftentimes, an image requires a deep thinking, prior to any shutter release, but also sometimes, even after having shutting down the computer. There are also images that I'd call inspirational images, instant vision, that captures your attention, and that a few time, ends up being your favorites.

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